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  With the trend of the internationalization of modern China, for domestic researchers or students, writing paper is to enable himself to obtain a degree, get a promotion, or publish his own academic research to the international, so that more people can understand their research content. No matter what the reason is, nowadays, publishing papers is a very common thing.
  But in China, because English is not our mother tongue, the translation of the paper is a relatively high degree of difficulty, so it is easy to appear more or less in the process of translation. In addition, there are many immature translation individuals or small organizations in China, who receive the names of the translation companies. These translators may not have the relevant professional background or the relevant professional translation experience. This led to many times that they could not understand the meaning of the author of the paper. How to evaluate the quality of a translator or a translation company can be seen from the following points.
  1., is it possible to understand what the paper wants to express? That's the most important thing.
  2., is it possible to translate the meaning of the paper accurately?
  3., we can clarify the theme structure of the paper, highlight the results of the paper, and avoid the unclear expression of the central meaning of the paper.
  4. can not provide the embellishment of the paper.
  5., is there a rigorous and perfect translation quality to control the process? If you encounter a good translation, send it to you directly, then you have to be careful.
  6., is there a perfect post processing plan, which can provide you with modification services in the later stage?
  The interpreter's control of the details of the paper is an important guarantee for the quality of the translation. In the process of translation, the interpreter should make the sentence accurate, the use of the words collocation and the relevant content of the paper. In the process of translation, Nanjing translation company should contact the customer for the first time, so as to better understand the content of the paper and ensure the translation of the paper "credit, DA and elegance".


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