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China Rises, and Checkmates

If there,s a human face on rising China, it belongs not to some Politburo chief, not to an Internet tycoon, but to a quiet, mild-mannered teenage girl named Hou Yifan. Ms. Hou is an astonishing phenomenon: at 16, she is the new women ’ s world chess champion, the youngest person, male or female, ever to win a world championship. And she reflects the way China — by investing heavily in education and human capital, particularly in young women — is increasingly having an outsize impact on every aspect of the world.1
如果有张面孔可以代表崛起中 的中国,那不会是某位政治局首脑或 网络巨擘,而应是一位名叫侯逸凡的 相貌文静、举止温和的少女。此人堪 称奇才:年仅16岁的她在女子国际象 棋赛上力克群雄,成为有史以来全球 男女棋手中最年轻的冠军。她的身上 反映了中国对世界方方面面越来越大的影响方式 大力投资教育和人才培养,特别是对年轻女性的培养。

At this point, I have to put my sensitive male ego aside. You see, Ms. Hou gamely agreed to play me after I interviewed her. She had just flown into Beijing after winning the world championship, and she was exhausted — and she shredded me in 21 moves. Most dispiriting, when I was teetering at the abyss near the end of the game, her coach nudged her and suggested mischievously that we should switch sides. Ms. Hou would inherit my impossible position — and the gleam in her coach ’ s eye suggested that she would still win. I protested that I could survive being beaten on the chess board by a schoolgirl. But to be toyed with, like a mouse by a cat — that would be too much. Ms. Hou nodded compassionately and checkmated me a few moves later.3

考虑到这一点,我只好把男子汉 敏感的自尊先搁置一边。就这么着, 在我对她的采访结束后,侯逸凡欣然 同意跟我下盘棋。那时她刚赢得世界 冠军飞回北京,疲惫已极。结果她只用了 21步就杀得我溃不成军。最令 人沮丧的是,就在临近终局我陷入苦苦挣扎的深渊之际,她的教练用肘轻 轻碰了她一下,恶作剧地示意我们换 盘。于是,侯小姐准备接过我那不可救药的残局 而教练的眼神分明是在暗示,即便如此她也会赢。我抗 议说,在棋盘上被一个小女生击敗我 可以接受,但要像猫抓老鼠那样捉弄 我,可就太过分了。侯小姐同情地点 了点头继续下棋,没几步就把我一下将死。
Women in general haven't been nearly as good at chess as men, and the world’s top women are mostly ranked well below the top men — but Ms. Hou could be an exception. She is the only female chess player today considered to have a shot at becoming one of the top few players in the world, male or female.4
Cynics sometimes suggest that China’s rise as a world power is largely a matter of government manipulation of currency rates and trade rules, and there’s no doubt that there’s plenty of rigging or cheating going on in every sphere. But China has also done an extraordinarily good job of investing in its people and in spreading opportunity across the country. Moreover, perhaps as a legacy of Confucianism, its citizens have shown a passion for education and self-improvement — along with remarkable capacity for discipline and hard work, what the Chinese call “chi ku”,or “eating bitterness”.5
在国际象棋上,女子的棋艺通常 不如男子,且最顶尖的棋后通常也都 比不上最顶尖的棋王,但侯逸凡可能 是一例外。人们认为她是目前唯一一 位可望成为国际上男女都算在内极 少数最顶尖象棋大师的女棋手。
一些尖刻的人有时认为中国之 崛起为世界大国主要是因政府操纵 货币汇率和贸易规则。毫无疑问,每 一领域都存在不少操级和欺诈行为。 但中国在人力资源投资及在全国各 地创造机会方面做得也补常出色。此 外,也许受儒家传统思想的影响,中 国民众热衷于教育和修身——同时 展现出非凡的勤奋守纪能力,即中国 人称之为“吃苦”的本领。

本文通过女子国际象棋冠军侯逸凡的形象,展 现了中国大力投资教育和人才培养的成就。10bet时 需注意专有名词、遣辞用字、结构调整等10bet技巧。 标题中的checkmate为象棋用语,意为“将(军)”。
rare earth minerals 稀土 矿物;
cyber warfare 网络
战;a chess power国际象棋强国;
obyss深 渊,无底洞;
nudge用財轻推(以 暗示);
be toyed with受捉弄。
have a shot at试着去做(打、夺等)。
currency rates 货币汇率;
rig (用欺骗手段)操级控制;
Confu- cianism儒家思想。


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