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+制度化、规范化、程序化是社会主义 民主政治的根本保障。
Socialist democracy can be fundamentally guaranteed through improved institutions, rules and regulations, and well-defined procedures.
regulate online activities in accordance with the law
improve and regulate public services on the
basis of law
+加强社会组织立法,规范和引导各类 社会组织健康发展
improve legislation on social organizations through which to regulate and guide a sound development of all types of social organizations
+推进各级政府事权规范化、法律化 work to ensure that the powers/functions/ mandates of the government at each level are stipulated in law and the way they are exercised is consistent with laws and procedures
+增强法律法规的及时性、系统性、针 对性、有效性
make our legislation more responsive, systematic, relevant, and effective
+坚持系统治理、依法治理、综合治理、 源头治理。
We will take a systematic, law-based, and holistic approach to governance and try to resolve root causes of problems, if there are any.
+贯彻落实总体国家安全观,加快国家 安全法治建设,抓紧出台反恐怖等一批 急需法律。
We need to adopt a holistic approach to national security, move more quickly to develop rule of law in our national security efforts, and lose no time in enacting counter¬terrorism laws that are urgently needed.
+依法规范司法人员与当事人、律师、特 殊关系人、中介组织的接触、交往行为。 We should, as required by law, regulate (ensure proper) contact between judicial officers and litigants, lawyers, special related persons, and intermediary agencies.
+实现经济发展、政治清明、文化昌盛、 社会公正、生态良好,实现我国和平发 展的战略目标。
…so that China achieves economic growth, good governance, a flourishing culture, social justice, and a healthy ecology, and attains its strategic goals for peaceful development.
socialist core values (core values of socialism)
+使每一项立法都符合宪法精神 make sure that every piece of legislation is consistent with the Constitution
improve the Constitution-enforcing system and
the constitutional review system
+坚持依法治国首先要坚持依宪治国, 坚持依法执政首先要坚持依宪执政。
To exercise the law-based governance of China, first we must exercise governance of the country based on the Constitution; to exercise state power on the basis of the law, first we must exercise state power on the basis of the Constitution.
+将每年十二月四日定为国家宪法日。 We will designate December 4th China's Constitution Day.
+建立宪法宣誓制度,凡经人大及其常 委会选举或者决定任命的国家工作人员 正式就职时公开向宪法宣誓。
We will establish a system of pledging allegiance, whereby all those who are elected or appointed to public office by people's congresses or their standing committees make a public pledge of allegiance to the Constitution when they officially assume office.
+建立健全专门委员会、工作委员会立 法专家顾问制度
establish a sound system whereby specialists may act as legislative advisors to the special committees of people's congresses and the legislative affairs commissions of the standing committees of people’s congresses
introduce third party evaluation
promote democracy at the community level
and industry self-regulation
+行政机关不得法外设定权力。 Government bodies shall not assume power which is not prescribed by law.
+重大决策终身责任追究制度及责任倒 查机制
a lifelong retroactive accountability mechanism for major decisions and a mechanism for retroactive investigation of accountability for major decisions
carry out coordinated law enforcement
a system of enforcing administrative decisions 
judicial administrative authorities
+推动实行审判权和执行权相分离的体 制改革试点
keep power of adjudication and power of enforcement separated
those working in the judiciary
+建立健全社会矛盾预警机制、利益表达机制、协商沟通机制、救济救助机制 establish sound mechanisms for giving early warning about social conflicts, giving people channels to express their interests, settling conflicts through consultation and mediation, and providing legal remedies and assistance
+行业性、专业性人民调解组织 sector-wide and industry-wide organizations for mediation
+完善立体化社会治安防控体系 improve the multi-dimensional system for maintaining law and order
investigate and penalize law-enforcement officers for breaking laws/abuse of power
improve their professional qualities/standards/
performance and competence
perfect the system for admission to legal
+社会律师、公职律师、公司律师 private lawyers, public sector lawyers, and corporate lawyers
the public security and judicial committee



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