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The State Council launched on January 26, 2011 a new round of measures to rein in property prices, the major points of which are as follows:


Local governments are further required to undertake their responsibilities. Local governments must assume responsibilities to promote the development of a stable and healthy real estate market. All municipal people s governments must, in accordance with their economic development objectives, and taking account of the estimated annual growth of per capita disposable income and housing payment capacity of local residents, set price control targets at reasonable levels for new residential properties locally available for the year 2011, and make the targets pubic in the first quarter.


Development of affordable housing projects must be speeded up. Local authorities must mobilize resources of affordable housing through various channels, such as new residential development, housing improvement and remodeling, purchases of housing and long-term rental housing so as to gradually expand the coverage of country’s housing security system. Local authorities must, in accordance with the principles of openness, impartiality and fairness, strengthen the management of and improve the access and exit mechanisms for their respective affordable housing programs. In localities where necessary conditions are satisfied, local authorities may extend such programs to designated towns, and must endeavor to increase the supply of public rental housing.

Housing taxation policies must be adjusted and improved, and tax collection and management strengthened, policies regarding property transaction taxes must be effectively adjusted. For each resale transaction of a residential property that has been held by the owner for a period of less than five years from the date of purchase, business tax for property resale transactions is levied on the full sales price. It is imperative to strengthen the supervision and inspection over the collection and management of land value-added tax, focusing on the investigation and settlement of land value-added tax with respect to residential property projects, the prices of which are set well above those of residential properties in surrounding areas.


Housing credit policies must be intensely diversified. For second-home buyers, the minimum down payments are required to be at least 60%, and mortgage interest rates no less than 110%of the benchmark interest rates. Under the guidance of the general credit policies adopted by the Central Government and price control targets for new residential properties set by local governments, all branches of the People' s Bank of China may further raise the minimum down payment requirements and mortgage rates for second-home purchases. It is imperative to further strengthen the supervision and inspection of commercial banks' implementation of diversified housing credit violating relevant rules and regulations are to be severely punished.

Residential land supply must be strictly managed. Local authorities must effectively increase land supply, ensuring that at least 70% of the total land allocated for residential property development is used for the construction of affordable housing and small and medium-sized commodity housing and for the renovation of shanty houses. The land supply for affordable housing must be listed separately under local authorities’ annual plans for their newly-added construction land. Meanwhile, land areas to be used for the construction of affordable housing should be guaranteed as needed.

合理引导住房需求。各直辖市、计划单列市、省会城市和房价过高、上涨过快的城市,在一定时期内,要从严制定和执行住房限购措施。原则上对已有1套住房的当地户籍 居民家庭、能够提供当地一定年限纳税证明或社会保险缴纳证明的非当地户籍居民家庭,限购1套住房;对已拥有2套及以上住房的当地户籍居民家应、拥有1套及以上住房的非当地户籍居民家庭、无法提供一定年限当地纳税证明或社会保险缴纳证明的非当地户籍居民家庭,暂停在本行政区域内向其售房。
Property demand needs to be rationally guided. Authorities of all municipalities directly under the Central Government, separately listed cities, provincial capitals and cities with high levels of housing prices and cities currently experiencing rapidly rising housing prices are required to introduce and implement stringent measures for home purchase restrictions, which are to remain in effect for a certain time period in future. In principle, households with locally registered residency status who have taken ownership of one home are eligible for the purchase of a second home. Households without being granted locally registered residency status who can provide local tax statements or statements of social insurance contributions as proof of payment for a number of previous years are eligible for the purchase of one home. For locally registered households with two or more homes, non-local households with one or more homes, and non-local households who are unable to provide local tax statements or statements of social insurance contributions as proof of payment for a number of previous years, purchases of residential properties within the city-level administrative regions are temporarily prohibited.


A response-on-demand accountability mechanism must be in place to ensure housing affordability and housing price stability. The people' s governments of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government should submit reports to the State Council under circumstances where they fail to set and release on time their 2011 property price control targets, where local prices for new residential properties will rise above levels of the control targets, and where they are unable to complete as required their affordable housing projects. The relevant departments will, in accordance with rules and regulations, demand account-giving from persons held accountable.


Greater efforts must be made to guide the public with correct opinions. Publicity campaigns must be strengthened to guide residents toward more rational housing consumption under China-specific conditions by disseminating experiences and examples of good practice drawn from localities where housing affordability can be improved and housing prices stabilized. Those fabricating or spreading false information in relation to the property market are to be held accountable for their behaviors.


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