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The Top Phrases of 2010

The Global Language Monitor has announced that Anger and Rage is the Top Phrase of 2010 in its annual global survey of the English language.
世界语言监测机构公布了 2010年最热门英语短语,其中Anger and Rage排名十大热门短语之首。
1. Anger and Rage—Characterizations of the US electorate by the pundits ,though closer analyses has revealed more frustration and disappointment. Also witnessed in France, Spain and Greece.

Anger and Rage——“愤怒和暴怒”是专家们对美国选民的描绘,虽然最近的分析显示, 人们更多的是沮丧和失望。在法国、西班牙 和希腊,情况同样如此。

2. Climate Change—(and Global Warming) No. 1 phrase for the first decade of the 21st century; starts out second decade at No.2.

Climate Change——“气候变化(和全球变暖)”在21世纪第一个十年的最热英语短语排行中排名第一;在第二个十年伊始排名第二。

3. The Great Recession—The media term frequently used to describe the ongoing global economic restructuring.

The Great Recession-“大哀退”是媒体热词,频繁用于描述至今仍在持续的全球经济重组。

4. Teachable Moment—Turning any undesirable outcome into a positive opportunity by using it as an object lesson. Unfortunately, there were a plethora of teachable moments in the first year of the new decade.

Teachable Moment——“乐听教育时刻”意为:把不如人意的结果视作一次事实的教训,从而使之转化为新的契机。遗憾的是,新十年的头一个年头,这种乐听教育时刻已泛滥成灾。

5. Tea Party1—An emerging political movement in the US that has upset the balance of power in the US Congress.

Tea Party——“茶党”是美国新兴的一股政治势力,扰乱了美国国会的权力平衡。

6. Ambush Marketing—Cashing in at an event by taking on the appearance of a sponsor of the event. Most obviously displayed at the Vancouver Winter Olympics and South Africa's World Cup 2010.

Ambush Marketing“埋伏式营销”使非 赞助商在某体育活动中因貌似赞助商而大赚一笔,最明显的体现是在温哥华冬奥会和2010南非世界杯赛上。

7. Lady Gaga—Gaga, herself, became a buzzword in the global entertainment industry in 2010.

Lady Gaga——“嘎嘎小姐”本人已经成为2010年全球娱乐业的时髦词。

8. Man Up一This election cycle's signature retort from the women running for office to their male opponents.

Man Up--“拿出点男人样来”成了这一轮选举的标志用语,竞选公职的女性用以反驳男性竞争对手。

9. Pass the bill to be able to see what’s in it - Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s now infamous quip underlying the complexity of the Healthcare Reform legislation.

Pass the bill to be able to see what's in it-


10. Obamamania—Notable only in its falls from grace; Obamamania now ranks at the bottom of this year’s political buzzwords.


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